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by : BTF

As I Wander...

Living in tropical Malaysia, we tend to take the hot humid weather, thundery rainstorms and the spectrum of wild evergreen plants as a given.

Recently, I noticed more exotic plants making its way into landscaped home gardens, recreational parks, frontages of shopping malls and
commercial buildings.

Along kerb sides of residential streets and busy motorways, palms, trees and flowering plants make pleasant and interesting fringes.

This is a record of the various species "as I see it" for I am in awe of palms. Hence, my premise for this blog is that the global garden,
i.e. every physical garden (tended or untended), becomes a part of my, simply said, cyber palm garden. ;-)

Please feel free to share your thoughts or comments.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Silver Bismarck Palm #2

Botanical Name : Bismarckia nobilis

Further to earlier post The Bismarck Palm, this is one humongous and healthy specimen located at The Secret Garden.  As for its age, I probably cannot tell.  But the girth or circumference of its trunk, easily 40-50 inches thick.  So one very stocky palm indeed.

This native of Madagascar, named after the first German Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, is the most obvious choice for new landscape ideas in terms of its dynamic structure and colour.  Certainly,the most recognizable guy around town!

Its enormous silver/blue palmate leaves are about 5ft wide and deeply furled. Looking closely at the petioles, you will notice a white wax coating plus some cinnamon-brown dusted powder nearer the leaf ends.

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