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by : BTF

As I Wander...

Living in tropical Malaysia, we tend to take the hot humid weather, thundery rainstorms and the spectrum of wild evergreen plants as a given.

Recently, I noticed more exotic plants making its way into landscaped home gardens, recreational parks, frontages of shopping malls and
commercial buildings.

Along kerb sides of residential streets and busy motorways, palms, trees and flowering plants make pleasant and interesting fringes.

This is a record of the various species "as I see it" for I am in awe of palms. Hence, my premise for this blog is that the global garden,
i.e. every physical garden (tended or untended), becomes a part of my, simply said, cyber palm garden. ;-)

Please feel free to share your thoughts or comments.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Golden Cane Palm

Botanical Name : Dypsis lutescens / Chrysalidocarpus lutescens

This native of Madagascar caught my eyes from afar. Standing out amongst a background of green foliage, the golden yellows beckon.

It's no wonder, this being one of the most attractive and popular specimens for home interiors and landscaping aesthetics. They grow in clusters and look almost like bamboo.  The leaves are fine textured, evergreen with some a shade of yellow green. As these palms grow quickly, they are great for screening or hedging, with a bit of regular tidying.

stunning yellow trunk with yellow petioles

the inflorescence looking very much like corals.

                                                                   blooms galore

                                                       graceful fresh and golden fronds veils the morning sun

This specimen is called by several other names viz. Areca Palm, Butterfly Palm, Yellow Cane Palm
and like a rose, this palm by any name will sound just as beautiful.

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